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"The Winter's Tale"

A play by William Shakespeare

Produced by Mary Collier

December 1955

Season 1955/1956




Archidamus, Bohemian Lord

Camillo, Sicilian Lord

Leontes, King of Sicilia

Polixenes, King of Bohemia

Hermione, Wife to Leontes

Mamillius, Son to Leontes

Antigonus, Sicilian Lord

Paulina, Wife to Antigonous

Emilia, Sicilian Lady


Cleomines, Sicilian Lord

Dion, Sicilian Lord

Court Officer



Clown, Son to Shepherd

Time, as Chorus

Autolicus, a Rogue

Florizel, Son to Polixenes

Perdita, Daughter to Leontes

Dorcas, a Shepherdess

Mopsa, a Shepherdess

Lords, Servants and Shepherds


Ladies and Shepherdesses

Production Crew


Mary Collier

Barbara Walsh

Geoffrey Wilkinson

Alec Vickers

Gertrude Langtree

Audrey Glover

Ian Wilkinson

Jack Cobham

Gertrude Langtree

Tom Brocklehurst

Myra Thornber

Aline Williams

Agnes Johnson

Frances Edwards

J. F. Winstanley

Frank Turner

William Shaw

James Walmsley

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Robin Stephenson

Kenneth James

Christopher Lambert

Colin Shuttleworth

Mary Burgess/Mary Collier

Barrie Jarrold

Paul Crook

Ruth Evans

Margaret Murphy

Fred Oldham

Frank Moorey

Peter Wilson

David McClean

Fermin Soriano Saury

John Whittaker

Brian Dunnery

John Taylor

Gerard Lloyd

Keith Ibbotson

Joyce Schofield

Bessie Tatlow

Brenda Tattum

Tom Brighouse, Fermin Soriano Saury, John Taylor, Harvey Bolton,

Stella Best, Rita Dunn, Mary Jacques, Margaret Lloyd, Kathleen Nuttall, Sheila Riley, Joyce Wakenshaw


Production Secretary

Stage Manager

House Manager


Music and Dance Sequence



Decor and Setting


Box Office





Stage Staff






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