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"On Monday Next"

A comedy by Philip King

Produced by Geoffrey Wilkinson

11th to 15th December 1956

Season 1956/1957

Production Crew


Geoffrey Wilkinson

Ken James

Members of the Club

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Stage Manager

Production and Technical work




The Producer


Maud Barron

Jerry Winterton

The Author

Daphne Wray

Avis Clarke

Jackson Harley

Mary Manners

Sandra Layto

Norwood Beverley

A Doctor

Ambulance Men

Gerard Lloyd

Fred Oldham

Olive Lower

Keith Ibbotson

Paul F Sutton

Dorothy Hamer

Jennifer Alpe

John Taylor

Angela Walker

Jean I Fowles

John Whittaker

Richard H Carysforth

Eric Ainsworth

Ashton Whalley