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A play by Gerard Lloyd

Produced by Gerard Lloyd

25th to 29th September 1956

Season 1956/1957




Maid - Miss Wells

John Harker

Dr. Seward

Abraham Van Helsing

R. M. Renfield

Attendant - Butterworth

Lucy Seward

Count Dracula

Production Crew


Gerard Lloyd

Ruth Evans

Geoffrey Wilkinson

Richard Ward

Jean I Fowles

Eric Ainsworth, Ashton Whalley,

John Whittaker, Kathleen Nuttall,

Wilfred Critchley

Gertrude Langtree,

Tom Brocklehurst, Hilda Salter,

Edna Beard, Kenneth James,

Audrey Glover

Ian Wilkinson

R Geoff Altham

Gertrude Langtree

Bessie Tatlow, Brenda Tattum

Frances Edwards, Rita Dunn

Jeannette Stopford

Mary Jacques

Kenneth James

Christopher Lambert

Bob Tattum

Myra Thornber

Joyce Leigh

Barbara Walsh

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Dorothy Hamer

Harvey Bolton

Fred Oldham

Colin Shuttleworth

Keith Ibbotson

John Taylor

Joyce Schofield

Alan Holden


Production Manager

Stage Director

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Stage Staff



Decor and Setting











House Managers



Box Office


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