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"Autumn Bouquet 1950"

A revue devised by Jessie Shaw

Produced by Jessie Shaw

October 10th - 14th 1950

Season 1950/1951




E Ainsworth

B Aitken

S Barnes

R Blunt

J Bolton

M Brown

E Cambien

H Coleman

M Cunliffe

S Darbyshire

J Demaine

F Dixon

J Dobson

N Entwistle

R Evans

L Gollop

Production Crew


Jessie Shaw

Ernest Hunt

Syndey Barnes

The Cast

W. Whalley

Mrs E Duckworth

Jessie Shaw

M. Thornber

C. Harris

H. Widdows

W. G. Thornber

E. Leigh

M. Haworth

M. Kellet

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Assisted by








House Managers



Pianists for rehearsals

I Gradwell

W Groghan

P Hammond

C Harris

M Haworth

J Hazlitt

E Hobkirk

E Hunt

Malcolm McKernan

Margaret McKernan

A Merce

F Oldham

J P Sale

M Parker

Irene Scotts

J Shaw

Berenice Smith

J Stopford

R Stubbs

L Stubbs

K Tatlow

W G Thornber

M Thornber

A Whalley

R Wilkinson

K Wylde